Corporate dynamics
Corporate dynamics
CMEF | a successful ending this sea medical with new product appearance, hardcore medical technology leading science and technology intelligence set sail
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The 87th China International Medical Device Expo was successfully held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from May 14 to 17. At the feast of medical industry in Shanghai again after one year, Shanghai Jinhai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. debuted its self-developed 4K3D fluorescence endoscope camera system.

Founded in January 2021, Shanghai Jinhai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jiading Industrial Zone of Shanghai and invested by Hong Kong main Board listed company Jinhai International (HK02225). Focusing on the total solution of minimally invasive surgical products, to create a full closed-loop service chain of research and development, production and sales. The products include 4K ultra-HD endoscope system, 3D and naked eye 3D image processing system, 4K fluorescence and multi-spectral ultra-HD endoscope system, as well as 4K medical image recorder, pneumoabdominal machine, ultrasonic knife, etc.

The company has the industry's advanced automated production line, complete industry high-end testing center, and has the industry's leading optical, mechanical, electrical, soft core technology. The master-level image algorithm developed by Jinhai Medical Therapy enables doctors to accurately observe and diagnose lesions; Years of experience in mapping can meet the clinical application needs of different departments and provide more comprehensive support for doctors. The EndoNext series fully embodies Imhai Medical's excellence in technological innovation and product design.

The crowds are surging

The audience kept coming

The booth of Jinhai Medical became a hot spot. The display scheme of the 4K fluorescent endoscope system of Dreamjellyfish has attracted a large number of visitors. The excellent hardware performance and simple and practical product appearance design (the whole series of products of Jinhai Medical won the 2023 IF Design Award in Germany) have attracted a large number of professionals at home and abroad. And immersive experience of EndoNext4K3D fluorescent endoscope camera system brings stunning visual effects.

Jinhai Medical's 3CMOS ultra HD camera has three times the color signal to ensure the color authenticity. Master image algorithm, keep the image brightness uniform, tissue level and blood vessel direction resolution clearer.

A number of top endoscope manufacturers from overseas expressed their recognition and appreciation to the EndoNext4K3D fluorescent endoscope camera system. They spoke highly of Imhai Medical's achievements in technology and innovation, believing that the EndoNext series has reached the first class leading level in Asia, and demonstrated excellent performance and reliability in the experience.

Be present

Return to the essence, the pursuit of perfection

Jinhai Medical takes "based on the present, return to the essence, the pursuit of perfection" as the corporate philosophy. We not only pay attention to the development trend of the industry and the needs of customers, but also pay more attention to the practicability and reliability of products. We are well aware of the importance of endoscopic camera system in the surgical process, the real vision and clarity of the picture is indispensable.

Jinhai Medical will continue to introduce advanced technology and accurate department solutions, to provide better and more suitable services for the global medical industry.

We believe that with Jinhai Medical as a dark horse in China, the medical endoscope industry will usher in more innovations and breakthroughs, laying a solid foundation for the development of domestic medical devices.

Welcome to pay attention to Jinhai Medical, learn more about our excellent products and news updates, and jointly witness the progress and development of domestic medical devices.

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