Corporate dynamics
Corporate dynamics
Tongguang Capital's outstanding business elites gather at Jinhai Medical to discuss the future development of the medical industry
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On the afternoon of August 10, Keensea Medical Invitation invited the excellent commercial elites of the Tongguang EMBA75 period, research scholars and other guests and friends to discuss the future focus topics such as the future development of the medical device industry and the development of market prospects.

Tongguang EMBA75 period Elite for various industries gathers KEENSEA Medical

In the Titlinen Conference room, Li Zhichao introduced the development direction of the medical industry on behalf of the company, the history of minimally invasive endoscope development, Keensea endoscope advantage, Keensea fluorescent product technology, etc. The question of doubts made a patient answer and conducted in -depth exchanges and discussions on the development prospects of the enterprise.

KEENSEA Medical Company was established in Jiading, Shanghai in 2021. It is invested by the Hong Kong listed company Keensea International (HK02225). It is a high -tech company focusing on the development, production, sales and service of high -end medical endoscopy systems. Systemic system, 3D and naked eye 3D image processing system, 4K fluorescent ultra -high -definition endoscopy system, etc.

Focus on the overall solution of minimally invasive medical device such as high -end medical endoscopy, and build a closed -loop of the entire industry chain of R & D, production, sales and services.

Li Zhichao's daughter deliberately draws by the uncle and aunts of Tongguang EMBA75, and I wish you all a good luck!

Entrepreneurs visited the fields of product display, the use and application of some advanced instruments, and listened to the introduction of the production environment and processes such as research and development, production, supply chain materials, finished warehouses, etc.

Keensea Medical is also very young, full of vitality and longing, and has a very clear strategic blueprint! Driven by factors such as clinical needs, complete supporting industries, and policy support, endoscopic products are constantly improving in the process of innovative medical devices. The opportunity of Keensea's growth and growth is the resonance of three factors: industry, technology, and channels. We look forward to cooperating with companies or elites with many ecological dimensions in the future.

Today, the medical industry is facing great changes every day. With the innovation and development of medical technology, for enterprises, it is necessary to stand through the technical upgrade, scientific innovation, and production specifications in order to stand out among many industries and be centered on doctors. The interests of the patient are the source of the source, so that the enterprise can stand in a rapidly changing world.

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