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光学分子影像外科学的引领者—— 记山西医科大学第一医院杨晓峰教授
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Figure 1 Professor Yang Xiaofeng

Professor Yang Xiaofeng

Born in February 1964, graduated from the PhD in Surgery Hospital of Xiangya Hospital of Hunan Medical University. He is currently the chief physician, professor, and blog director of the first hospital of Shanxi Medical University. Since 1993, Professor Yang Xiaofeng has worked at the Department of Urology at Shanxi Medical University In the past 30 years, he has rich clinical experience in the field of precision treatment in urology. Professor Yang also has a variety of identities, serving as chief scientist of Shanxi Province Surgical Optical Molecular Imaging Engineering Research Center, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Biomedicine Optical Photonal Branch of the Chinese Biomedicine Engineering Society, Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Medical and Technical Association, the Chinese Chinese and Western Medicine Institute Society Transfer. Member of the Chemistry Group, China UA-Guinness Medical Technology Innovation Contest Championship, National Science and Technology Award Evaluation Expert, Chairman of the Shanxi Health Association Urology Professional Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Shanxi Provincial Anti-Cancer Association Urology and Male Reproductive System Tumor Branch, Shanxi Province The deputy leader of the Cancer Team of the Propaganda Committee of the Medical Association and the talents of San Jinying supported the planned high -end leaders.

Professor Yang is mainly engaged in the basic theory, diagnosis and treatment technology, and research, development, and results transformation of biomedical engineering in the urinary system tumor. For the first time, the theoretical basis and surgical method of tumor staging during the operation were proposed, and the international frontier was in the field of endogenic optical molecular imaging research. He presided over a number of topics such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the technological innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the key R & D projects in Shanxi Province. He has won a total of 6 scientific and technological progress awards in the Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress and Technology Invention. He has published more than 100 papers at home and abroad. "Published by China Science and Technology Publishing House.

Figure 2 Report on Professor Yang Xiaofeng at the 16th Prostate Disease Forum

Figure 3 Professor Yang Xiaofeng made a report on the 16th Prostate Disease Forum

2022 Special Invitational Week of Oriental International Urology and Male Surgery Week and the 16th Prostate Disease Forum and SIU Training Course. Report on theoretical basis and clinical practice.

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