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Endoscopes ushered in the top player Haikang Huiying
2022-03-22 Views: 505

For four years, Haikang Huiying not only tied its roots, but also took out a high -end line of endoscope

On March 12, the tree planting festival.

On this day, Haikang Huiying released a new medical visual product -Mik5 endoscopic system solution.


MIK5 includes 4K intelligent white light endoscopic image processing motherboard and camera solution, 4K intelligent fluorescent endoscopic image processing motherboard and 4K automatic rescue fluorescent camera, smart 3D endoscopic image processing motherboard and — bodyization 3D endoscope, optical optics Hardware including mirrors and light sources; and Idesigner customized OSD software, ITEST image test software, and a whole set of system solutions composed of iPlayer intelligent playback software.


Among them, the comprehensive upgrade of processing capabilities is the biggest feature of MIK5. From the previous 4 -core heterogeneous platform to 8 cores, the processing capacity of the entire platform ISP was three times the previous, and the processing ability of the main control scheduling was more than 5 times before.

In addition, the platform has a 4 -core Al operation that supports 10TOPS neural network convolution acceleration performance. The intelligent ISP algorithm and intelligent auxiliary recognition algorithm make Mik5 the first product in the field of hard mirror system to apply AL technology.


Shen Chuan, CEO of Haikang Huiying, said: Haikang Huiying will combine Hikvision's technical accumulation over the years to seize the opportunity of the AL era progress, combine AL technology with the endoscopic system to improve medical efficiency and ensure medical security. Serving Volkswagen's health is our original intention. Letting health see more of our mission. Haikang Huiying will continue to use persistence and enthusiasm to make hard power and contribute to the medical industry.


As a "new player", how does Haikang Huiying enter the medical endoscopy industry?


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