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"Micro" -The 2021 Chinese hard mirror market competition pattern
2021-11-21 Views: 331


Medical endoscopy has been developing since its inception in the 19th century. It has now been applied to general surgicals, urology, digestives, respiratory, orthopedics, otolaryngology, gynecology and other departments, becoming one of the most commonly used medical devices in modern medicine.

In recent years, 4K, 3D, disposable use technology, special light (such as fluorescence) imaging technology, ultra -fine medical endoscopy technology, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies have developed rapidly, and they have been applied to the endoscopic field. At the same time, my country's endoscope industry is in a state of pain points, opportunities, and mixed players. The entire endoscope industry pattern is being subverted and reshaped by various factors such as technology, policies, and clinicals.


Facing technical iteration and market changes, recognizing the current situation is the first step. The first time that the direction of industrial changes is, it is essential for entrepreneurs, investors and other related groups.


Core view

· CMOS, 4K, 3D, and computer technology have made breakthroughs, and gradually applied to the endoscopic field.
· 4K ultra -high -definition endoscopy and 3D endoscopy are integrated. In the future, "4K+3D" will become the mainstream.
· In the field of domestic endoscope, financing is hot

At present, domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in core components. The core components of endoscopes include lens, image sensor, image processor, and light sources. In terms of cold light sources, 116 products in my country have been approved by the drug supervision bureaus of various places; in terms of image processors, 47 products have been approved.

From the perspective of domestic endoscopy companies, the industry is relatively scattered, and there is no leading enterprise that can challenge foreign giants. At the same time, domestic endoscopic products mainly compete for the low -end endoscopy market at this stage, and the high -end endoscope market is still under control. The field of hard mirrors mainly includes Xinguangwei Medical, Shenyang Shen Da, Tiansong Medical, Mai Rui Medical, and Haitai Xintuang.

Innovation driving force of endoscope

According to the above discussion, the leap -type iteration of endoscope originated from the most primitive technical breakthrough. Today, CMOS technology, 4K technology, 3D technology, artificial intelligence technology, big data technology, deep learning technology and other cutting -edge technologies are becoming increasingly mature, and they are gradually applied in the field of endoscopy, laying a technical foundation for endoscope innovation. On the other hand, the continuous growth of endoscopic market scale provides a broad space for endoscopic enterprises to snatch markets, gain profits, and create wealth. The demands of gaining profits and creating wealth drove endoscope companies to continuously innovate products. Make it take the initiative in market competition. At the same time, consumer behavior changes, clinical demand upgrades, capital betting, policy support, corporate competition and other factors have jointly driven endoscope companies to continue to innovate.


Technical breakthroughs laid the cornerstone of innovation. Today, CMOS image sensor technology, artificial intelligence technology, big data technology, 4K technology, 3D technology and other cutting -edge science and technology have gradually been applied in the field of endoscopy, laying a technical foundation for the again iterative innovation of endoscopes.


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